BRIDGE Milestone Log

August 2009

31 August 2009 is the official end of the BRIDGE project. In total, more than 170 deliverables have been submitted to the European Commission. With three years of duration and 31 partners, BRIDGE has been one of the major FP6 RFID project.

July 2009

BRIDGE is sponsor of the annual RFIDsec09 event organised in Leuven, Belgium. Right after the event, a specific workshop is led by the WP4 team including presentations of the results of the WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5.

Other Highlights…

  • Publication of WP4 White Paper on Security

June 2009

2 new training courses are issued by the BRIDGE project, Advanced Implementation and EPC/RFID for Senior Managers. Both courses are available in classroom format and eLearning format

Other Highlights…

  • The final BRIDGE Newsletter is issued

May 2009

The European Commission issues on a recommendation on the implementation of privacy and data protection principles in applications supported by radio-frequency identification

Other Highlights…

  • The 7th CERP meeting is organised in Aalborg, Denmark, 19 and 20 may 2009
  • The second EU-US RFID Symposium is organised in Brussels
  • BRIDGE is presented at the Internet of Things 2009 event organised in Brussels

February 2009

The BRIDGE consortium welcomes a new partner, COVAP, to conduct the WP8 pilot. COVAP is a ham producer from Spain which tested RFID application in its manufacturing processes.

Other Highlights…

  • The February issue of the BRIDGE Newsletter is published

December 2008

The Work Package 6 on Pharma Traceability launches a Dissemination website to promote the results and share lessons learnt from the pilot.

Other Highlights…

  • Publication of the December issue of the BRIDGE newsletter

November 2008

The European Commission organises the ICT 08, the biggest research and development events. BRIDGE demos from WP1, WP4 and WP7 are presented at a booth.

Other Highlights…

  • The BRIDGE project is presented at the RFID Journal Live! Europe event in Prague, Czeck Republic

October 2008

The French Presidency of the European Union organises the Internet of the Future - Internet of Things conference in Nice, France, on 5 & 6 October. The CERP projects are presented at a booth.

Other Highlights…

September 2008

The European Commission and the US Department of Commerce support a Trans-Atlantic Symposium on the Societal Benefits of RFID in Washington D.C. on 22. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission also held a “Transatlantic RFID Workshop on Consumer Privacy and Data Security,”

Other Highlights…

  • BRIDGE hosts its 4th review meeting
  • The final conference of the CE RFID project is organised. This is the occasion to launch their publication "The RFID Roadmap: The next Steps for Europe" by Dr. Gerd Wolfram, Dr. Birgit Gampl and Peter Gabriel

July/August 2008

RFIDsec 08 is organised in Budapest, Hungary, by the TUGraz University and with the support of the BRIDGE project. This conference focused on new research towards securtity solutions for the RFID technology. A specific session on data protection issues was organised.

Other Highlights…

  • Publication of the July/August 08 Newsletter
  • BRIDGE holds its 5th General Assembly

June 2008

BRIDGE ends the second year of the project. Major achievements and more than 25 public deliverables have been published to date

Other Highlights…

  • The 6th CERP meeting is organised in Sofia Antipolis, France, on 9 and 10 June 2008
  • BRIDGE is presented at conference RFID Technology in Portugal in Lisbon, Portugal on 19 June

May 2008

A collaborative webinar is organised by the BRIDGE WP2, 3 and 4 with the topic Discovery Services : Design, Security, Integration and Standardisation on 21 May 2008. It attracts more than 70 participants.

Other Highlights…

  • Publication of the May Newsletter (Focus on the Public Policy aspects of RFID and on the Products in service application)
  • BRIDGE is presented at the RFID 2008 event organised in Antwerp, Belgium, on 29 May

April 2008

The BRIDGE General Assembly and the European Commission Review Meeting are organised in Malaga, Spain, on from 2 to 4 April 2008 at the occasion of the EPC Technology Forum.

Other Highlights…

  •   BRIDGE is presented at the Industry-Academic Forum for Innovation, Vision and Policy, in Tralee, Ireland, on 23 April 08

March 2008

Internet of Things 2008, Zurich, Switzerland, 26-28 March 2008 - BRIDGE results are presented and distributed at this major conference.

Other Highlights…

  • Publication of the March issue of the BRIDGE Newsletter (Focus on the manufacturing process application and the reusable asset application)

February 2008

BRIDGE launches a Portable Demonstration to show how the EPC/RFID network works in real supply chain conditions.

Other Highlights…

  • BRIDGE is represented at the Interoperability Conference held in Warsaw, Poland, on 6-7 February 2008
  • The CERP organises its 5th meeting and welcomes new projects on board.

January 2008


Munich, Germany - 29-30 January 2008 BRIDGE is one of the highlight of the conference with several project representatives giving an update on their work.

Other Highlights…

  • WP2 on Discovery Services officially completes its work and successfully submits its last deliverables
  • Publication of the BRIDGE Newsletter (Focus on Track and Trace and Anti-counterfeiting)
  • BRIDGE delivers 16 deliverables to the EC (WP1, WP2, WP4, WP5, WP11, WP13, WP14)

November 2007

EU Presidency Conference on RFID

The next step to the Internet of Things
Lisbon, Portugal - 15-16 November 2007
The team is invited to present the project during the conference and at the exhibition

Other Highlights…

  • Start of the Sony pilot of WP10 with the deployment of RFID track and trace on the supply chain
  • BRIDGE webinars are going public 
  • Publication of the BRIDGE Newsletter (Focus on Discovery Services)

October 2007

Launch of the BRIDGE Concept animations on the use of the RFID/EPC technology (WP13)

Other Highlights…

  • Start of the Pharma traceability Pilot of WP6
  • 2 Deliverables of WP8, “Manufacturing process requirements” and “Manufacturing process analysis” are submitted to the EC

September 2007 

Launch of the Kaufhof Pilot of WP7 with different front store EPC/RFID applications

Other Highlights…

  • Second review meeting after a year in the project - 17-18 September 2007
  • Further deliverable of WP6, “Pharma traceability problem analysis” and “requirement analysis” and of WP8 “Manufacturing process problem analysis” and “Study on the dissemination of WP8 findings” are submitted to the EC
  • Northland joins the project and Work Package 7

August 2007

12 Deliverables are submitted to the EC in the fields of Smart Objects, Discovery Services, Security, Textile Industry, Returnable Assets, Dissemination, Innovation and Public Policy

Other Highlights…

  • Further deliverables of WP1/Specification of Smart Objects, WP2/Requirements on serial-level Lookup Services and High level design for Discovery Services, WP4/Threat model analysis of EPC-based information Sharing Networks, WP7/Textile Industry Requirement Report, WP9/Returnable Transport Items: Business Cases, WP13/Concept Animations, WP14/Activity report/Progress report towards the achievements of IST-RTD objectives/Report on Cluster Coordination and WP15/First Issue of the Innovation report/Annual report on public policy matters - are submitted to the EC
  • CERP meeting in Helsinki
  • El Corte Ingles leaves the project

July 2007

BRIDGE General Assembly and Board meetings held in Brussels

Other Highlights…

  • Further deliverables of WP6, “Pilot preparation report” and of WP10, “Business case and Report on Pilot preparation” are submitted to the EC
  • Publication of the BRIDGE Newsletter (Focus on Hardware Development)

June 2007

EU Presidency Conference on RFID, RFID and the Internet of Things, Berlin, 25-26 June 2007 BRIDGE representatives are invited to present some results of the project

Other Highlights…

  • Deliverable of WP5 “Anti counterfeiting requirement report” is submitted to the EC
  • CERP Meeting in Berlin

May 2007

BRIDGE Webinars are launched (internally) to update the consortium on progress made

Other Highlights…

  • Deliverables from WP3/Serial level Supply Chain Control, WP6/Business Case report, WP10/Products in Service Requirements Report, and WP11/Build a pilot in retailer site/Pilot Performed are submitted to the EC
  • BRIDGE Newsletter (Focus on the European Textile Industry Business Application and the Security Work Packages)
  • BRIDGE Board meeting

April 2007

EPCglobal ratifies global standards for secure, real time data sharing – The EPC Information Service (EPCIS)

Other Highlights…

  • Deliverable of WP4 “Report – Security Analysis” is submitted to the EC

March 2007

EU RFID Forum 2007 – Hosted by the European Commission and co-organised by BRIDGE, PROMISE, Auto-ID Labs and AITPL -

Other Highlights…

  • Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding presents the EC Communication on RFID at the CeBIT conference in Berlin on 15 March 2007.
  • Deliverable of WP12 “Preliminary eLearning Platform” is submitted to the EC
  • First Review Meeting after 6 months in the project
  • BRIDGE Newsletter (Focus on the training platform)

February 2007

European passive RFID Market Sizing 2007-2012: BRIDGE publishes a market forecast for passive RFID in Europe for the next 15 years

Other Highlights…

  • Deliverables from WP5/Problem analysis report on counterfeiting and Illicit Trade, WP7/Problem Analysis and expected RFID/EPC opportunities, WP8/Problem Analysis, WP9/Market Requirements to improve Reusable Asset Management, WP12/Training Requirement analysis, and WP14/First Interim Activity Report & Annex, are submitted to the EC

January 2007

The CERP (Cluster of European Projects on RFID) is created and brings together 13 EC funded projects on RFID – the BRIDGE project is one of them

Other Highlights…

  • Launch of the new version of the BRIDGE website
  • Board meeting and General Assembly, Barcelona - 18 January 2007
  • Unisys withdraws from the Consortium. The Unisys’s share of the work will be executed by JJ Associates - 18 January 2007
  • Deliverable of WP11 “Report on pilot experience and lessons learned” is submitted to the EC
  • BRIDGE Newsletter (Focus on Pharma traceability)

November 2006

IST 2006 – Helsinki, Finland, 21-23 November 2006
BRIDGE representatives are participating actively to the conference and exhibition

Other Highlights…

Further deliverables from WP6/Pharma Traceability Pilot, WP9/Returnable Transport Items: the market for EPCglobal applications, WP10/Products in Services, and WP11/Scenarios to implement a RFID pilot for cultural products at retailer level/Cultural products at business level business case, are submitted to the EC

October 2006

EU RFID conference “Heading for the future”, Brussels, 16 October 2006
BRIDGE representatives have the opportunity to present the project to IST Commissioner Viviane Reding and Robert Cresanti, Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology (USA) during the exhibition

Other Highlights…

  • First deliverables of WP6/Pharma traceability Pilot, WP11/Report on business process of cultural products at retailer level, and WP14/First Communication plan, are submitted to the European Commission
  • BRIDGE presents a session at the RFID Journal Live! In Amsterdam
  • BRIDGE Board is held in Holland

July 2006

1 July 2006 - The BRIDGE Project starts

Other Highlights…