WP7 Brochure - Hitverdächtig Prozessbeschleuniger EPC/RFID setzt sich in der Textilbranche durch
(in German, soo available in English)
Anja Olbertz (GS1 Germany)

White Paper RFID Tag Security
Manfred Aigner (TU Graz), Trevor Burbridge (BT Research), Alexander Ilic (ETH Zurich), David Lyon (GS1-UK), Andrea Soppera (BT Research), Mikko Lehtonen (ETH Zurich)

Trust and Security in RFID-based Product Authentication Systems.
Lehtonen, M., Michahelles, F., Fleisch, E., to appear in IEEE Systems Journal, Special Issue on RFID Technology: Opportunities and Challenges, Volume: 1, Issue: 2. Dec. 2007

Mecanismos de búsqueda y trazabilidad de productos que incorporan la tecnología RFID,
by E. García, G. Arrebola, J. J. Cantero, M. A. Guijarro, F. J. Núñe, published for the Telecom I+D 2007, Valencia, Spain, 29-31 October 2007

Probalistic Approach for Location-Based Authentication,
M. Lehtonen, F. Michahelles, and E. Fleisch. First International Workshop on Security for Spontaneous Interaction IWSSI 2007, organised in 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing Ubicomp 2007, Innsbruck, September 2007

RFID und Fälschungsschutz,
T. Staake, Invited talk at Swiss Engineering, RFID - Quer durchs Spektrum, November 8, 2007, Zurich, Switzerland