BRIDGE was developed in response to the call for projects released in May 2005 by the European Union Information Society Technologies (IST) under the specific programme “Integrating and strengthening the European research area” in the Community sixth framework programme (FP6).

BRIDGE is an Integrated Project addressing ways to resolve the barriers to the implementation of the EPCglobal Network in Europe. Integrated Projects (IPs) are ambitious, objective-driven with a programme approach. They involve industry (including SMEs), research institutions, and preferably potential users. The project comprises several chapters composed of working packages. The name of the project stands for “Building Radio frequency IDentification solutions for the Global Environment”.

BRIDGE is a 3 year project which started in July 2006. Its consortium is composed of 30 partners, including GS1 organisations, universities, solution providers and private companies, in Europe and China.

The objective of the BRIDGE project is to research, develop and implement tools to enable the deployment of RFID and EPCglobal Network applications. The project will develop easy-to-use technological solutions for the European business community including SMEs, ensuring a basis for collaborative EPCglobal systems for efficient, effective and secure supply chains.

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