Public Deliverables

Technical Work Packages


BRIDGE WP01 Miniaturized UHF tags based on metamaterials geometries

BRIDGE WP01 Near field tags based on metamaterials

BRIDGE WP01 Sensor-enabled RFID tag Handbook

BRIDGE WP01 Specification of a common platform for sensor-enabled RFID tags

BRIDGE WP02 Serial Level Lookup Requirements

BRIDGE WP02 High Level Design Discovery Services

BRIDGE WP02 Working Prototype of Serial-Level Lookup Service

BRIDGE WP02 Integration of Serial Level Data into existing Business Information Systems

BRIDGE WP03 Serial-Level Inventory Tracking Model

BRIDGE WP03 Reusable Asset Management Model

BRIDGE WP03 Sensor-based Condition Monitoring

BRIDGE WP03 Serial Level Manufacturing Control

BRIDGE WP04 Security Analysis Report

BRIDGE WP04 A Threat Model Analysis of EPC-based Information Sharing Networks

BRIDGE WP04 Interim Security Deliverable (D4.X)

BRIDGE WP04 The Economic Relevance of Secure RFID Solutions – a Qualitative Perspective (D4.1.3)

BRIDGE WP04 Report on first part of the security WP: Tag security (D4.2.1)

BRIDGE WP04 Secure Semi-Passive RFID Tags – Prototype and Analysis (D4.2.2) 

BRIDGE WP04 Report on first part of the security WP: Anti-Cloning Tag (D4.3.1)

BRIDGE WP04 Anti-cloning demonstrator (D4.3.2)

BRIDGE WP04 Trusted Networks: Design of an RFID Trusted Reader (D4.4.1)

BRIDGE WP04 Trusted Reader’s Hardware Description (D4.4.2A)

BRIDGE WP04 Using the Trusted Reader for product Authentication (D4.4.2B)

BRIDGE WP04 RFID Network Confidentiality (D4.5.1)

BRIDGE WP04 Final Report on Network Confidentiality (D4.5.2)

BRIDGE WP04 Supply Chain Integrity (D4.6.1)

BRIDGE WP04 Trusted Business Interaction (D4.6.2)

BRIDGE WP04 Security Technology Roadmap (D4.7.1)


Business Application Work Packages


BRIDGE WP05 Anti-Counterfeiting Problem Analysis

BRIDGE WP05 Anti-Counterfeiting Requirements Report

BRIDGE WP05 Anti-Counterfeiting Business Case Report

BRIDGE WP05 Anti-Counterfeiting Prototype Report

BRIDGE WP05 Anti-Counterfeiting Prototypes Evaluation Report

BRIDGE WP05 Application Guidelines and Implementation Roadmap

BRIDGE WP06 Pharma Traceability Problem analysis

BRIDGE WP06 Pharma Traceability Requirements analysis

BRIDGE WP06 Pharma Traceability Business Case Report

BRIDGE WP06 Pharma Traceability Pilot Preparation Report

BRIDGE WP06 Pharma Traceability Pilot Deployment Report

BRIDGE WP06 Pharma Traceability Pilot Evaluation Report

BRIDGE WP07 Textile industry - Problem analysis and expected benefits

BRIDGE WP07 Textile Industry - Requirements analysis

BRIDGE WP07 Textile Industry - Business Case

BRIDGE WP07 Industrial Trial Preparation Report

BRIDGE WP08 Methodology for manufacturing process analysis for RFID implementation

BRIDGE WP08 Definition of RFID Decision Support System for Manufacturing Applications

BRIDGE WP09 Returnable assets market analysis

BRIDGE WP09 Returnable assets requirements analysis

BRIDGE WP09 Application Guideline

BRIDGE WP09 Costs Benefits Analysis

BRIDGE WP09 Technical Guideline

BRIDGE WP09 Training Tool Kit

Horizontal Work Packages


BRIDGE WP12 Training requirements analysis

BRIDGE WP12 Training material EPC Basics - EPC Advanced Business Aspects - EPC Advanced Technical Aspects

BRIDGE WP13 European Passive RFID Market Sizing 2007-2022


mediapage icon BRIDGE WP13 Concept Animations


BRIDGE WP13 Portable Demo

BRIDGE WP13 Economic Impact of RFID