WP10 - Products in Service


This Work Package will examine the role of RFID in providing accurate and complete item level information in a timely manner to enhance the management of products in service.

The success of this business cluster will provide a strong reference case for Europe on ways to enhance the product service industry.

Task 10.1 Problem Analysis

This task will examine business benefits and challenges of effectively applying RFID tags on critical components and/or sub-components of a simple/complex product, and then to associate and use the information pertinent to these components when the product is in the forward, reverse and service/maintenance supply chains.

Task 10.2 Requirements Analysis

This task is intended to indentify the tools, standards and policies that need to be addressed before actual implementation. The work will be split into three areas: within the manufacturing facility, products in distribution, products in service.

Task 10.3 Business Case

The aim of business case analysis is to determine how the benefits derived from RFID implementation weigh against the costs of implementation.

Task 10.4 Development for Pilot Infrastructure

This task focuses on preparing the pilot infrastructure prior to the pilot phase. It will include design, development, and implementation of hardware (RFID, logistics, etc.) and software (databases, DSS, etc.) as per the Requirements document.

Task 10.5 Evaluation

This task will assess the ease of information retrieval and storage using RFID, improvement in maintenance and service management, cost of tagging components and

ease of off-site and on-site maintenance.

Task 10.6 Application Guidelines

It will ensure that insights from the trial implementation will be documented into guidelines that will facilitate general adoption of networked RFID technology in this sector. This work package will provide a description of expected and actual implementation benefits and challenges. We will also provide recommendations on ways to improve product service using RFID.


Auto-ID Labs Cambridge, Sony, BT, Carrefour.