WP12 - Training Platform, Courseware and Certification


The objective of this work package is to provide and support a blended learning solution on the standards, combining Information Days (Roadshows), Webinars, e-Learning and other training deliveries based on Training Kits for use by the active and future users of EPC.

Work Programme

Task 12.1 Requirements Analysis Under this task, we will prepare and define the different delivery methods and mechanisms to answer the future training needs of a global community of users with a diversity of learning styles.

Task 12.2 Development of Course Materials This task aims to develop the pedagogic contents of the 3 courses in English. The information obtained from the Requirements Analysis will be used for the development of: syllabi (student and trainer kits), quizzes (tests and evaluations), slide shows (presentations), case studies (hands-on exercises), readings, assignments and e-learning courses.

Task 12.3 Evaluation and further development of course materials Following the pilot, the feedback from the pilot group will be analysed and the final version of the course material will be developed. Following acceptance tests, the final course material will be available for translations.

Task 12.4 Set up & Testing of e-Learning Platform In parallel and following sound courseware development methodologies, an eLearning platform will be set up. The parameterisation of the GS1 web based training system LEARN will allow for full student administration, tracking and certification for this project.


GS1, Auto-ID Labs Cambridge.

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