WP13 - Dissemination and Adoption Tools


This work package will deliver adoption tools that will enable project partners to inform and educate all stakeholders (consumers, industries, SMEs, solution providers, non-profit organizations, etc.), not only on the findings and results of the various business clusters, but also on the impacts and benefits of RFID/EPC in general.

Work Programme

Task 13.1 Concept Animations This task proposes to develop a framework for concept animations and a number of concept animations. The concept animations will be multi-media learning objects (e.g. Macromedia Flash) that can be reused for various purposes (e-learning courses, presentations, etc.). Each animation will clearly illustrate how the use of RFID/EPC technology and the EPC Network, as a result of the research conducted in the other Work Packages, will enable certain applications.

Task 13.2 Portable Demo The objectives of this task are to design a model of the EPCglobal Network and to create a demonstration version of the model, which shows how the EPCglobal Network function will be used under real supply chain conditions.

Task 13.3 Economic Impact Toolkit EPCglobal driven information networks are capable of significantly impacting upon the efficiency, velocity and flexibility of organisations whether commercially focused or not. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the economic and social impacts of different rates of EPCglobal adoption, at different levels of granularity throughout ‘old’ and ‘new’ Europe at a macro level.

Task 13.4 Set-up/maintenance of project portal/collaborative environment A publicly accessible website will be created at the beginning of the project to explain the goals, organisations involved and milestones for the project and to disseminate the press releases, reports and results of BRIDGE.

Task 13.5 Awareness Toolkit The members of EPCglobal realise that the introduction of any new technology can raise questions in the minds of all stakeholders, and there are no stakeholders more important than consumers. The role of consumer acceptance of such new technology and appreciation of its benefits in ensuring its success is crucial./p>

Task 13.6 Roadshow In order to facilitate the adoption of RFID/EPC in the whole of Europe, the findings and deliverables of this project need to be communicated in each of the member countries. As conferences and seminars are currently a very important channel for sharing knowledge and experience, we need to prepare an information package that is specifically targeted at these type of events.


GS1, GS1 Poland, GS1 China, ETH.

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