WP14 - Consortium Management activities


Project Management activities are centralised in this one work package. The management activities of the project are focused on ensuring each partner meets its responsibilities in relation to the project, coordination of activities with regional and national partners, and administrative management related to periodic progress reports and regular meetings with the European Commission.

Work Programme

Task 14.1 Project Administration & Executive Management The administrative project management consists of: preparing and circulating the Consortium Agreement in advance of signing the contract with the Commission; preparing and distributing non-technical reports (Management Reports, 6 Monthly Progress Reports); preparing and submitting combined cost statements to the Commission; maintaining regular contact with the Commission and the responsible Project Officer; communicating with other EU funded projects; coordinating dissemination activities and measuring and reporting project progress.

Task 14.2 Technical Project Management Each technical and business cluster has a technical manager, who is responsible for technical project management, including co-ordination, monitoring and supervision of overall technical developments, acting as a consultant of the Project Manager and resolution of technical and implementation related problems and conflicts.

Task 14.3 Project progress towards IST-RTD objectives A project progress reporting deliverable will report on the ‘output’ and ‘impacts’ indicators that will help to assess the progress in 2006-7-8 towards the achievement of the IST-RTD implementation objectives.

Task 14.4 Cluster Co-ordination The co-ordination between the pilots and the co-ordination between the technical and the business application work packages will be critical to the success of the project. A specific task is assigned to that purpose.


GS1 and GS1 UK.