WP15 - Innovation and Policy


This work Package will develop high-level reports analysing on the one hand the evolution towards the ubiquitous presence of the technology and on the other hand the impact this technology will have on policies that are governed by the European Institutions.

Work Programme

Task 15.1 From RFID to the Internet of things As work on the BRIDGE project progresses, the participants will be developing a clearer view of how ubiquitous computing may develop, especially with regard to RFID and its use in supply chains in a more pervasive network. A short research report will be prepared at the end of the first year of the project, a second release at the end of the second year and a fuller White Paper at the end of the BRIDGE project.

Tasks 15.2 RFID and public policy matters The BRIDGE project will range from business applications to technical developments and includes a major facilitation activity where training and education modules will be produced and deployed. This will lead to interactions with everything from the citizen as consumer to the company employee as researcher, and impacts a range of public policy matters. The exact nature of these public policy discussions will only become apparent as the project progresses, and the BRIDGE project will wherever it is relevant support the initiatives of the European Commission on RFID.


GS1 UK, GS1, Auto-ID Labs Cambridge, UPC, Auto-ID Labs Fudan, ETH.

Related Public Deliverables

pdf icon BRIDGE WP15 Innovation Report July 2007