WP2 - Serial-Level Lookup Service


The object of this WP is to investigate the different possibilities for creating, addressing and maintaining the large heterogeneous network of ICT resources to hold the information about the physical objects (items).

Work Programme

Task 2.1 Requirement analysis for serial-level lookup service
A common set of requirements that is applicable across most industries will be obtained after researching the different possible approaches.

Task 2.2 Requirement for integration with existing business information systems
Serial-level lookup services will most likely be used in conjunction with other business information systems and therefore compatibility issues need to be examined.

Task 2.3 Prototype development
The development of a serial-level lookup service prototype will include an investigation to define a proper secure standard interface to enable application software to make use of the link data held in the lookup service.

Task 2.4 Migration and Adoption tools
This task involves developing guidelines for migration from existing business information system to those that include serial-level master data and lifecycle event information.


AT4 wireless, Auto-ID Labs Cambridge, ETH, BT, SAP, AIDA and GS1 UK.

Related public deliverables

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 Mark Harrison, University of Cambridge, Interaction models between Query Clients, Information Resources & Discovery Services (PPT - 700 KB)

 Mark Harrison, University of Cambridge, Navigating the web of things, Challenges and Applications (PPT - 1,6 MB)

 Mark Harrison, University of Cambridge, Terminology, Scope and Assumptions (PPT - 200 KB)