WP3 - Serial-Level Supply Chain Control


The main aim of this work package is to encapsulate information from the EPC Network, analyse the information and utilise it to enhance existing supply chain business processes and/or decision-making processes.

Work Programme

Task 3.1 Serial-Level Inventory Tracking This task will develop track and trace models based on information derived from Serial-Level Lookup Service (WP2).

Task 3.1 Serial-Level Inventory Tracking This task will develop basic inventory control models for store reordering using serialised item level information. This is particular important for SMEs to demonstrate the benefit of networked RFID.

Task 3.3 Serial-Level Manufacturing Control This task will integrate serial level item information with existing production planning and control, and investigate ways in which manufacturing decisions could be improved.

Task 3.4 Reusable Asset ManagementThis task will develop contextual models for reusable asset management. Reusable containers, pallets, roll cages etc. could be tagged and tracked in order to improve operational efficiency.

Task 3.5 Serial-Level ReconciliationThis task will provide a list of audits, checks and exception scenarios and develop recommendations for the reconciliation of serialised item level information with Advanced Shipment Notices, payment processes, pedigree etc.

Task 3.6 Serial-Level Condition MonitoringThis task will develop contextual models to predict the condition of each product using sensory information such as temperature, pressure, humidity and shock – information from this contextual model will be used to enhance inventory control.


Auto-ID Labs Cambridge, ETH, BT, SAP, Bénédicta.

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