WP5 - Anti-Counterfeiting Business Application


The focus of this work package is on using EPC technology to increase the protection against illicit trading. It will facilitate a general adoption of the EPCglobal technology to prevent counterfeiting and illicit trade.

Work Programme

Task 5.1 Problem Analysis This task will investigate the drivers and enablers of counterfeiting and product piracy, and analyses the supply and demand side of illicit trade where EPC could have a constructive effect.

Task 5.2 Requirements Analysis This task focuses on the analysis of the impact of counterfeiting and illicit trade on the end-user and the consumer, as well as the requirements of brand-owners and manufacturers.

Task 5.3 Business case This task focuses on assessing the economic justification of pursuing the implementation of RFID/EPC technology as an anti-counterfeiting solution.

Task 5.4 Development of Trial Infrastructure This task focuses on preparing the trial infrastructure prior to the trial phase: selection of appropriate transponders, integration of tags in selected products, identification of any necessary adjustments in the manufacturing process and finally system integration.

Task 5.5 Evaluation Will assess the level of security achieved, the user-friendliness of the proposed solution, the fixed and variable implementation cost, the cost per product authentication once the solution is applied and possible side effects.

Task 5.6 Application Guidelines These guidelines not only reflect technical issues, but also cover organisational changes and marketing and public communication advice, which are essential when dealing with critical issues such as counterfeiting.

Task 5.7 Implementation Roadmap The Implementation Roadmap will be based on the expertise acquired during the project and especially reflect the lessons learned from within the Pilots and Development tasks. It will facilitate a general adoption of the EPCglobal technology to prevent counterfeiting and illicit trade.


SAP and ETH.

Related Public Deliverables

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pdf icon BRIDGE WP05 Anti-Counterfeiting Prototypes Evaluation Report

pdf icon BRIDGE WP05 Application Guidelines and Implementation Roadmap