WP6 - Pharma Traceability Business Application


This work package aims to implement a track and trace solution to increase patient safety in the branded and generic pharmaceutical supply chain for all types of pharmaceutical products.

Work Programme

Task 6.1 Problem Analysis This task will explore the vision of a “safety chain” in the pharmaceutical supply chain, where: transparency and common standards across Europe are the key; one architecture will underpin the new system.

Task 6.2 Requirements Analysis This task will identify and document a set of requirements that identifies the tools, standards and policies that need to be addressed in order to meet the aim of this Work Package.

Task 6.3 Business Case This task will account for the likely costs of implementation for a track and trace system, the perceived requirements for process change within and without the organisation using the pharmaceuticals and aim to identify the likely culture and business practice implications.

Task 6.4 Development for Pilot Preparation This task will include the plan for the design, build and deployment for the pilot system in the required timescales.

Task 6.5 Pilot Implementation and Deployment The objective of this task is to develop a pilot from implementation to achieved results.

Task 6.6 Pilot Evaluation This task will evaluate the results of the Pilot: The functional performance of the hardware and software, the ability of the system to meet the needs of ‘high speed’ production of medicines, the quality and consistency of supply chain traceability, the impact on people and functional processes for each participant, the impact of cultural and business practice issues, the costs and benefits perceived for each participant organisation.

Task 6.7 Pilot Experience Dissemination This task will focus on the preparation and development of tools to enable the successful dissemination of pilot results and experiences (‘lessons learned’) to the widest possible audience and the further implementation of the processes themselves.


JJ Associates, GS1 UK, Verisign UK, Melior, Domino.

Related Public Deliverables

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