WP7 - Textile Industry Business Application


The objective of this work package is to prepare the adoption of the RFID/EPC technology in the European textile Industry in the best possible way. This objective will be achieved by detailed empirical and analytical analysis at all levels of the textile chain. A best practice orientated and scientific based path will be initiated to align the requirements and the expectations of the textile industry with the technical opportunities.

Work Programme

Task 7.1 Problem Analysis It is the goal of this task to do the primary (based on documentation) and secondary (based on direct interviews) research that provides a clear picture of the problems and opportunities specific to the European textile sector.

Task 7.2 Requirements Analysis The business challenge will be converted into the specifications of the RFID/EPC deployment for the textile industry. Besides seeking improvements of the “as is” value chain, this task will also be forward looking and outline the new business processes defined around the concept of intelligent products. This will create sustainable business advantages for the European industry.

Task 7.3 Business case An economic measure of the improvements will be performed. It will analyse savings in material or labour costs, reductions in lead times and opportunities for opening new markets or obtaining breakthrough competitive advantages. Finally, some improvements may affect the company intangible assets such as its brand name.

Task 7.4 Empirical Study The empirical approach starts with an empirical study including Tasks 1 to 3. It runs simultaneously to the tasks in the analytical approach and delivers users requirements of the textile sector.

Task 7.5 Industry trial preparation report The trial will involve a full technical implementation of an RFID-enabled supply chain, including the receiving process of textile in retail warehouse and all consumer oriented processes within the department store.


GS1 Germany, GS1 Spain, Kaufhof, Northland, Carrefour, Gardeur, UPC, AIDA.

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