WP8 - Manufacturing Process Application


This work package will provide a basis for introducing RFID technology within the manufacturing environment to improve production processes.

Work Programme

Task 8.1 Problem Analysis The objective of this task is to identify business process improvements that are possible through RFID tagging of Work In Progress (WIP) containers. For timely and accurate container information, RFID could be used to tag these containers to provide automated identification and location determination for the use of quality, hygiene and manufacturing control.

Task 8.2 Requirements Analysis A set of hardware and software requirements will emerge that identifies the tools, standards and policies that need to be addressed in order to meet the aim of this work package.

Task 8.3 Business case The aim of business case analysis is to determine how the benefits derived from RFID implementation weigh against the costs of implementation. Specifically, it will examine the gains on business and operational activities to be obtained from having WIP container visibility and will compare this against the costs of hardware and software implementations.

Task 8.4 Development for Trial Infrastructure The aim of this task is to deploy an RFID system that will not only meet the objective but is adaptable and robust for the whole duration of the pilot.

Task 8.5 Presentation of Results The results of the analysis and of the trials performed will be comprehensively documented leading to guidelines facilitating the adoption of the RFID/EPC technology in manufacturing processes.


Nestlé UK, Auto-ID Labs Cambridge, SAP, BT, COVAP, AT4wireless.

Related Public Deliverables

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