WP9 - Reusable Asset Management


The scope of this work package is to improve reusable asset management in supply chains. It covers pallets, crates, barrels, gas cylinders, beer kegs, rail cars, trailers and many others. The goal is to develop a secure track and trace solution that is based on the EPCglobal Network and on emerging ubiquitous computing technologies.

Work Programme

Task 9.1 Problem Analysis The problem analysis will be done with all parties involved in reusable asset management, including end users of asset, assets providers, solution providers etc. It will identify key actors involved in the reusable asset market in Europe, evaluate the market size, describe the market practices and analyse the current strengths and weaknesses.

Task 9.2 Requirements Analysis This task is about identifying tools, standards, services and policies necessary to solve reusable asset management issues. From a research point of view it will define all technical requirements necessary to provide good solutions to the market. It could cover improvement of current technology or development of new ones.

Task 9.3 Business case The objective is to define different ways to solve the business requirements with technology like RFID and the EPC Network. It will include a cost/benefit analysis. The goal is to analyse the impact of potentials solutions in conjunction with market complexity, since technical solutions will not solve all issues.

Task 9.4 Reusable Asset Management Trial Several pilots will be done on different part of the solution. RFID and EPC Network will provide a full solution for reusable asset management but it will be possible to exchange information on the network without RFID implementation.

Task 9.5 Evaluation The analysis and the trial will be evaluated, presenting the basis for application guidelines aimed to facilitate implementations.

Task 9.6 Dissemination Several tools will be delivered: Technical guideline for Reusable Asset Management; Implementation Guideline for Reusable Asset Management; Cost/benefit Analyser software; Training tool kit CD “How to improve Reusable Asset Management”. The dissemination of the work to many solution providers will create the context to give an easy access to “ready to use” solutions for SMEs.


GS1 France, GS1 Germany, Carrefour, Bénédicta.

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